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Electric Hydraulic Pump
*Low amp draw on start up -110V 15Amps
*Fewer moving parts than a gear pump
*Less noise under load - below 80dBA
*More contaminant resistant
*60cu in of flow at 10,000psi. External relief valve adjustable down to 1,000psi.
*Will be available in 1/2
Hydraulic Industrial Toe Jack 25Ton
*Toe Capacity: 25-Ton
*Min~Max Toe Height: 58~273mm
*Min~Max Head Height: 505~720mm
*Max. Lever Force: 40kgs
*Net Weight: 102.0kgs
Hydraulic Industrial Toe Jack 10Ton
*Toe Capacity: 10-Ton
*Min~Max Toe Height: 30~260mm
*Min~Max Head Height: 420~650mm
*Max. Lever Force: 40kgs
*Net Weight: 35.0kgs
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