/ Shop Equipment / Hydraulic Bottle Jack ( ANSI/ASME Standard )
Product Name :
Hydraulic Bottle Jack 20 Ton ( Low profile Type ).-
Product Specification :
Capacity: 20ton
Min. ~ Max. Height: 190~335mm
Lifting Height: 95mm
Adjust Height: 50mm
N.W./G.W.: 9.6/10.1kgs
Package Size: 37x18x22 (2pcs)
Q'TY of 20'FT container: 1800pcs
Note :
1. Meet ANSI/ASME standard
2. Designed safety overload system
3. High quality steel and seal for longer server lift.
4. Polished ram and cylinder make smooth action pressure pump.
5. Glamorous double printing.
6. Two piece handle saves pumping effort.
7. Large heavy duty hard-cast iron base.
8. Oil bypass system avoids the lifting ram from being over-pulled
Electric Hydraulic Pump
*Low amp draw on start up -110V 15Amps
*Fewer moving parts than a gear pump
*Less noise under load - below 80dBA
*More contaminant resistant
*60cu in of flow at 10,000psi. External relief valve adjustable down to 1,000psi.
*Will be available in 1/2
Hydraulic Industrial Toe Jack 25Ton
*Toe Capacity: 25-Ton
*Min~Max Toe Height: 58~273mm
*Min~Max Head Height: 505~720mm
*Max. Lever Force: 40kgs
*Net Weight: 102.0kgs
Hydraulic Industrial Toe Jack 10Ton
*Toe Capacity: 10-Ton
*Min~Max Toe Height: 30~260mm
*Min~Max Head Height: 420~650mm
*Max. Lever Force: 40kgs
*Net Weight: 35.0kgs
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