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Taiwan Shincheng Trading Co. was established in 1958. Initially we enjoyed No.1 reputation in the fruit and meat produces and began to develop versatility into an international operation in many production fields-- exquisite agriculture, farming, stocks and bunds, illumination, optical components, circular break switches, micro-switches, Hydraulic Equipment, Hardware and automobile parts, accessories to meet our customer's needs.

We have become a global enterprise after several decades of hard working, always pursuing the best. From manufacturing, marketing, serving customers, we have multifunctionally built up an international brand catering our customer's various needs. To welcome the new era of the post millennium and to solidify the commitment to always go after a-step-forward quality improvement, Taiwan Shincheng has set up advanced packaging warehouse, which will be finished in 2003, in different locations in Mainland China, Guangzhou, Ningbo, Shanghai, to provide our customers the best service


Electric Hydraulic Pump
*Low amp draw on start up -110V 15Amps
*Fewer moving parts than a gear pump
*Less noise under load - below 80dBA
*More contaminant resistant
*60cu in of flow at 10,000psi. External relief valve adjustable down to 1,000psi.
*Will be available in 1/2
Hydraulic Industrial Toe Jack 25Ton
*Toe Capacity: 25-Ton
*Min~Max Toe Height: 58~273mm
*Min~Max Head Height: 505~720mm
*Max. Lever Force: 40kgs
*Net Weight: 102.0kgs
Hydraulic Industrial Toe Jack 10Ton
*Toe Capacity: 10-Ton
*Min~Max Toe Height: 30~260mm
*Min~Max Head Height: 420~650mm
*Max. Lever Force: 40kgs
*Net Weight: 35.0kgs
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Chia-Yih Factory:No. 5 Chung-Hsin Rd., Chia-Tai Industrial Park, Chia-Yih Hsien Taiwan (612) Tel: +886-5-2371137 (Rep.) Fax: +886-5-2376981
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Shanghai Factory:No. 353, Hsing Nan Rd.,Kao Chiao Pu Tung, Shainghai, Chian P.R.C. Tel: +86-21-50405886 (Rep.) Fax: -86-21-50405117
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